Welcome back to the arena, Graceful Gladiators!

This week I share with you my story of when and why I let my Gladiator retreat. At this time of my life, I was absolutely DONE with standing up for myself, getting hurt, feeling betrayed, and dealing with the pressure of feeling inadequate. It was much easier in that season of life to just stay small and quiet. I lived in “Grace” because it felt less risky. Have you ever been there? Gone through something that made you decide to stop voicing your opinion or just play small?

After sharing my story, we talk about how to get your Gladiator back, and I give you 5 tips that I have found to be helpful in that process. It isn’t easy, but the journey to graceful empowerment is SO WORTH IT.

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Quick Overview of the 5 Tips:



(Listen in for specific strategies and how I apply each one of these.)



  • Know the truth + Affirm the truth

  • Monitor Voices: Internal + External (+Exact Verbiage!!)

  • Set yourself up for little wins (+ How I do this!)

  • Self Care

  • Care for Others



If you are on a journey of getting your Gladiator back, let me know in the comments and find me on social so we can connect and talk! I want to walk with you on your journey!





Jesus Calling

(Our morning devotional we use all the time, Mike does live videos daily on his Facebook page here reading this devotion too!)



Pack of index cards

To write out your I AM’s and scriptures to meditate on.



My Water Jug

Fill up in the AM and work on it all day, I love this jug because I can easily track my progress and make sure I get it in! #SelfCare





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Hi! I’m Hannah Place and I am on a mission to empower women through God’s word: to show them the truth’s He has declared over their lives, to uncover the hope that He has promised, and to prepare their hearts for the battles they face.

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