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What Do Men REALLY Want?

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What Do Men REALLY Want?

Welcome back Graceful Gladiators!

This week I invited my hubby Mike Place to join us in the arena, since the podcast release date is on the same day as our 3 year wedding anniversary! We talk all things marriage, relationships, communication, expectations, and more. He shares how his desires of what our marriage should look like shifted as we began to prepare for marriage, and also shares the two main things he believes every man wants more than anything.

Share this episode with a friend who could use some marriage insight! And let me know how you liked having a man in the arena! Should I bring him back every few months? DO you enjoy hearing a man’s perspective? Should the convo’s stay #girlsonly? Let me know here, on Facebook, or IG!


If you enjoyed hearing from Mike here, you may also like to listen to his TEDx Talk: Mastering Fear


To download Episode 22 and save to your computer, right click here and “Save As”.

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