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Waiting on God’s Timing – What to Do When Waiting Feels Unbearable_009

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Waiting on God’s Timing – What to Do When Waiting Feels Unbearable_009

Hey Graceful Gladiators!

Welcome back to the arena for Episode 9 of the Graceful Gladiator Podcast. Like I say in the podcast, this week’s topic is brutal for me because it is something I am currently struggling with! Being in a season of waiting is an incredibly vulnerable place to be. As a person who is a major goal-setter/achiever, WAITING feels frustratingly awful. I can’t employ any of my old faithful tactics to getting what I want: studying, working, persevering, fighting, demanding…. in other words… I JUST CAN’T MAKE IT HAPPEN. 

Do you know what I mean?

Sometimes we feel like we have done the best we could, exhausted all of our options, and now waiting just feels like punishment at this point. It is inconceivable that there would be any plan or purpose inside of this season. If you are there, feeling those emotions, struggling with waiting, this episode is for you!


What happens when we are too Graceful in our time of waiting?

If you lean more towards the Graceful nature, you could become passive in waiting: feeling helpless, tending to stop praying or talking about it because it feels too painful, you can also get into a state of depression, start numbing with food, drinks, movies, whatever it might be… It’s easy to close yourself off, and just be in that very sad, lonely state.

On the other spectrum, if you are a full-force Gladiator in a time of waiting:

You may have the tendency to become angry; start lashing out at the people closest to you because it’s easier to let your emotions direct toward something you can control rather than have to get still about something you CAN’T control. It’s easy to become high strung, to overreact, blame shift, find fault in other people and in their actions rather than looking at your own actions and your own heart. Gladiators may also have a tendency to go toward anxiety and overworking.

Keep this in mind as we train on this together! Recall your tendency, because we are all prone to lean toward either Grace or Gladiator and the journey here is to bring ourselves back to that center that God created us to live in… having both of these natures, allowing them to serve us, and being in alignment with them. 

I would love to hear if you are in a season of waiting, so I can pray for you. Just say the word “Me” below if you don’t want to share specifics, and I will pray for you. (I take all of your names and requests in to my War Room to pray!)

I would love to read your story if you are going through a season of waiting.

If you have gone through a season of waiting and now you have encouragement for those of us waiting, please share!


Find me on social, I would love to connect and hear your thoughts on this week’s episode! (Click the icons on the page or the link below!)






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