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Vulnerability is Victory: Interview with Ally Meister Part 1

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Vulnerability is Victory: Interview with Ally Meister Part 1

Welcome back to the arena, Graceful Gladiator!

Ally Meister meets us in the arena this week to discuss faith, failure, bitterness, forgiveness, and the peace that passes all understanding. As a Mom of 3 and with 2 children that have special needs, Ally knows first hand how rough life can be. However, she handles it with the Grace of a woman the Gladiator of a daughter of the King. Tune in to hear:

– How she discovered her first son had Type 1 Diabetes

– The journey that took her on emotionally and spiritually, including:

18: Unforgiveness in her heart over her parents divorce

19:30: Seeking approval from others

20: People speaking rejection over her life and how to heal

20:48 Forgiveness over the people that hurt you

21: “When the enemy comes to attack our identity he will stop at nothing.” – Ally Meister

22: Believing in your head versus believing in your heart, the importance of transferring our head knowledge of God to our heart!

23: The struggle of Type 1 Diabetes being a part of her son’s childhood identity, and the promise of healing

25: Jesus’s ministry of healing

Plus so much more. Share this episode with a friend who needs encouragement, and let me know what questions you have for Ally over at Facebook or Instagram! And make sure to follow Ally here!


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