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Surrender Over Striving- Dr. Shannon Part 2 _007

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Surrender Over Striving- Dr. Shannon Part 2 _007

Jump into the arena with Dr. Shannon and I today as we unpack struggle and train for victory through surrender.

  • Dr. Shannon shares the healing power that comes from surrender, and the ACTUAL PHYSICAL changes that happen inside of our brain as we begin to LET GO and LET GOD. (Turns our our prefrontal cortex is completely able to reform as we give our brain new stories and new beliefs to process through!)
  • She shares the structural components in our brain that change and how we can facilitate that new growth and development.
  • We discuss how to find a mentor, and the power of intention.
  • 14:40: Self confidence for the graceful woman

“If you don’t believe it’s worth it for yourself… believe it’s worth it for your family, until you can begin to believe it for yourself.”

  • 22:00 Brain food: Foods and supplements for a busy Graceful Gladiators who needs support for an overactive cortisol system
  • The 2 Supplements Dr. Shannon won’t go a day without for brain health
  • One thing that you DON’T need to buy, but is the most vital component to brain health (Hint: This part is connected to when 90% of our brain growth and recovery happens.)

  • 25:00 Dr. Shannon speaks to the younger version of herself, looking back. (THIS PART IS GOLD.. Makes me so emotional to listen to it!)

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