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Start with You, Start Now, and the Importance of Putting Yourself First- Interview with Zee Najarian

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Start with You, Start Now, and the Importance of Putting Yourself First- Interview with Zee Najarian

Welcome to the arena Graceful Gladiator!!!

Today’s episode is all about the journey we all must go on before we can truly serve anyone else well or with our whole hearts. Do you ever find yourself feeling like you have so much to give others but not knowing where to start? Or feeling overwhelmed by all of your ideas and lack of implementation? Or struggling to “be enough” in a world of “less than”? Jump in to the arena for this week’s training and battle plan. This interview literally gets better with every minute, I can’t wait for you to listen to it all!!!

Just a few highlights:

4:00: One thing that Zee’s Dad told her as a young girl that completely turned her world upside down

5:30 Immigrating to the US at age 7 and not knowing English, what Zee learned through a vulnerable experience of asking for help

6:00  “I never want to feel this way again.” The deciding moment that shaped Zee’s world and made her Graceful nature retreat from the arena.

10:00 How does Gladiator manifest in Zee’s life? (Not being able to ask for help and taking advice were a struggle.)

11:00 The Graceful nature of Zee’s Mom and how Zee rejected it for a season of life

11:30 “I’m going to run this marathon because I can, for NO GOOD REASON.” The pain and issues caused when we act out just to prove a point to others.

13:00 What is the result of muscling up and being the Gladiator when there is no “why” behind it

14:00 “When I started giving myself grace, that’s when I started giving other people grace.”

14:30 The slippery slope of putting unrealistic expectations on others and how our own self image and self expectations show up in the way we treat others

15:30 Questions to ask ourselves when we are treating others poorly (even though we don’t mean to) and our relationships are suffering

16:30 “I always had this feeling that there had to be more to life… I knew I was born with greatness I just didn’t know how to find it.” Zee’s struggle with finding greatness inside of what she did as a career

17:30 One HUGE way Gladiator served Zee when everyone was giving her contradictory advice

19:00 Zee realizes her true passion

20:00 “You CAN’T GO BACK…..” Or, can you?? What to do when embarrassment tries to keep you from failing forward

21:00 Choosing which nature serves us at the right time.. “Most of us know intuitively know when to use Grace and Gladiator…” We just have to be still enough to listen to that small voice and intuition

23:00 In our late twenties and society says we should have it ALL FIGURED OUT BY NOW (seriously.. so over this!!)

24:00 Masters of Accounting, CPP and Payroll Supervisor … But STILL not fulfilled!

26:00 Using her passions to transition into helping others

27: Zee’s tactical advice for the newbie entrepreneur

29:00 “You will ALWAYS find what you’re looking for.”

29:10 Personal development always precedes business development

29:20 You have to know who you are to be able to help anyone else

29:30 “The best journey you will ever go on is the one within yourself.”

30:00 Does a mentor need to know they are mentoring you?

31:00 Zee’s #3 tip that is so practical for entrepreneurs

32:00 How to create friendship with other female entrepreneurs

33:00 “I was thinking about ________ FIRST.”

35:00 Friendships are like dating.. they must come naturally


39:00 What part do boundaries play in living a free life?

40:00 The connection between money and time

41:00 *** If you don’t have ten minutes to develop yourself yourself, you have no right to reach the next level of success. How to get out of the “If I could have this, then I could do that” mindset.

43:00 Service to others leads to greatness

46:00 How Zee’s birthday correlates with her passion and heart

47:00 You will never know your true greatness until you are fully in service and do something for someone that can’t pay you back

48:00 Zee’s definition of a Graceful Gladiator

Zee’s Gift to Graceful Gladiators

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