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Rewrite Your Story, Renew Your Mind with Dr. Shannon Irvine – 006

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Rewrite Your Story, Renew Your Mind with Dr. Shannon Irvine – 006

I met Dr. Shannon in spring of 2017 at a business seminar, and God connected us instantly. We bonded over our love of the mind and to reach women for Christ. I wish we would have taken a selfie! We have been friends ever since.

This interview with Dr. Shannon is one that you will want to listen to… again and again! It is real, raw, and vulnerable. We discuss topics that are HARD… trauma in childhood, self limiting beliefs, and the disappointment that comes with unmet expectations of what you wanted to be or feel in your life.

We also discuss:

  • Hearing from God
  • Knowing and claiming the truths He has for us
  • The fascinating results PET scans show from our brains when we worship
  • Dr. Shannon’s 4 R’s
  • Neuroplasticity…. A big word for basically the coolest thing EVER.

Dr. Shannon specializes in Neuropsychology and has in interesting viewpoint on our brain’s ability to rewrite the story of our lives. Whether it is emotionally charged moments in your past, negative beliefs someone has put on your life, Dr. Shannon shows us how to take back control over our brains.

Dr. Shannon identifies herself as a Gladiator seeking to find her Grace. I have personally seen her being the perfect example of Grace in the way she cares for her family and also in the love she pours out for her non-profit, Mosaic Vision which gives back to AIDS orphans in Uganda.

I am sure you will hear this love and passion in her voice, and if you want to learn more about Dr. Shannon, make sure to check her out on Facebook here and her website here.

Dr. Shannon’s Epic Success Academy is also launching today and the doors will be open for one week. She has a special place for you to check out the details if you are ready to step up your productivity and hone in to your passion and goals, you can learn more about it plus get your free Epic Success Planner for being a Graceful Gladiator at

After you have listened to the podcast, I would LOVE to hear what you learned from her words of wisdom. Share below!!!!

As a reminder, every week a winner is chosen from those who leave rate + review the Graceful Gladiator podcast on iTunes. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!! Enjoy spending time this week in the area!

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