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Inadequacy in the Kingdom of God

Welcome back to the arena. Today, I have a short, powerful message for the woman who is convinced she is just not good enough to pursue the calling that God... Continue

Are You Facing a Goliath?

Welcome to the arena, Graceful Gladiator! Graceful Gladiators, we all have our own Goliaths to conquer. And God has a special and specific word for us today regarding the battle... Continue

Know Your Worth

Welcome back to the arena Graceful Gladiator! Do you ever struggle with feeling as though your power is diluted? Do you say “YES” so often that you lose sight of... Continue

A Gladiator’s Fiercest Enemy

Welcome back to the arena, Graceful Gladiator! Today we are discussing the weapon you must be aware of as it related to your spiritual pursuit of your dreams, goals, passions,... Continue

The Secret Place: Joy of Solitude

Welcome back, Graceful Gladiator! Join us in the arena today for conversation on solitude, why it is not only healthy but necessary, and how to cultivate it in your life.... Continue

Do You Want To Be Healed

Welcome back Graceful Gladiator! Today in the arena we are having a conversation brokenness. Have you been hurt, wounded, or betrayed? Do you feel heartache, loss, or sadness? Do you... Continue

Your Pursuit of Happiness

Welcome back Graceful Gladiator!!! Have you enrolled for Amplify Your Purpose yet? If not, now’s your time… Doors will be closing soon because we’re keeping it small and intimate as... Continue

The Right Place at the Right Time

Welcome back Graceful Gladiator! Have you ever wondered if you are where you are supposed to be at in life? I have chronically craved the next thing. I built a life... Continue

Stuck in a Season That Won’t End

Welcome back Graceful Gladiator! Do you ever feel stuck? Whether it’s: Emotionally Physically Spiritually Mentally Relationally Financially Today, we are joining one another in the arena to discuss the three... Continue