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Lyme Over It: Interview with Lishele Wigand

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Lyme Over It: Interview with Lishele Wigand

Welcome back Graceful Gladiators!

Question… Have you ever felt like the battle you are facing is a punishment, a curse, or here because you did something wrong? Ya, me too. I’v=m not proud of it but I have also totally fallen in to the trap of feeling like if I were a better person somehow *this* wouldn’t have happened to me.

In today’s episode of the Graceful Gladiator podcast, listen in to an interview with Lishele Wigand as she shares the 10 year trial that has led to the greatest blessing and purpose her and her husband could pray for. For 10 years they struggled for answers with her husband’s health that ultimately led them to a diagnosis of Lyme Disease. But this trial and sickness is no match for our God, and Lishele’s heart, tenacity, and outlook with inspire you as you fight your own battle today!

Share this episode out, I know Lishele’s story is meant to impact the lives of MANY. I know I was so blessed by her!!!

Connect with Lishele here!

Connect with Hannah here!


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