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I Lost My Passion… How Do I Get It Back?

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I Lost My Passion… How Do I Get It Back?

Welcome back to the arena, Graceful Gladiator!

Are you struggling finding that ONE THING that you love so much you could do everyday and it wouldn’t feel like work? Do you watch other people living a laptop lifestyle working their “passion” and think… What the heck happened to me? Where’s my passion? Why can’t I seem to get a grip on it? It’s crazy to me the way that the enemy steals our joy and passion and keeps us from having a true understanding of how to walk in the purpose that God has on our life! But I am taking a stand today and saying NO MORE! Let’s uncover our God given passion, and it starts with understanding the truth about what passion is, where it comes from, and then looking back to see where it may have gotten lost.

Today you’ll learn:

  • 3 Passion Killers
  • 3 Passion Retrievers
  • A Battle Plan for getting your passion BACK (plus, where it probably went…)

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