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I Am Rahab: Interview with Autumn Miles

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I Am Rahab: Interview with Autumn Miles

Welcome back to the arena, Graceful Gladiator!

Today’s episode features an interview with Autumn Miles, author of the new book I am Rahab. In our time together, Autumn shares openly and honestly about pre-marital sex, domestic abuse, divorce, and depression.

She found herself as woman who had grown up knowing God, yet felt insanely distant from Him, making decisions that compromised her heart, her mind, her heart. Can you relate?

What about this: Do you ever find yourself intimidated by the accolades and attributes of the women in the Bible? I mean, you admire their strength and vigilance and purity, but you also feel as though they are a bit hard to relate to?

Today on the Graceful Gladiator podcast, your girl Autumn Miles is bringing the REAL TALK. She shares her honest, unfiltered story where she relates deeply to the harlot Rahab in the Bible. And while you may know of Rahab as a woman involved in a scandalous life and behaviors, today we shed light on the beauty and majesty and honor of Rahab… Ultimately the character traits that when combined with the grace of God led her straight into the lineage of Jesus.

Autumn Miles overcame great odds in her past and now impacts the lives of thousands on a daily basis with her message of redemption.

Strap on your seatbelts Graceful Gladiators, we’re getting down and dirty in the arena today!

* Adult subject matter, please be advised. *


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