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Holding on For Dear Life- How This Former Race Car Driver Finds Fulfillment Every Day

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Holding on For Dear Life- How This Former Race Car Driver Finds Fulfillment Every Day

Welcome Back Graceful Gladiator!

You are going to love spending time in the area with this former race car driver turned mom/wife/life coach Jessie Bouton!

We talk deciding moments, dealing with death as a child, her adrenaline filled career, transition to motherhood, and some amazing wife hacks as well. One in particular is going to make you LAUGH SO HARD at the end!!

Here are some of our highlights together:


3:30- If you’re not going, you’re not growing. Why standing out is necessary for success

6:00 – A rebellion against God, then turning back and fighting FOR Him

7:00 Ways that GLADIATOr sabotaged Jessie’s success early on/teenage years

9:00- Jessie’s interview to drive professional race cars

9:30- Jessie’s Mom’s advice

10:30- “I wanted something to make me feel loved.”

11:30- Jessie’s official interview and how she “schmoozed” then got to drive the car

12:00- Jessie’s career begins at 304 miles per hour

14:00- The team owner gives Jessie that advice of a lifetime

17:00- Jessie races in the highest categories in the drag racing industry

20:00- Jessie’s transition from race car driving to motherhood

22:00- A season of post party depression begins

23:00 How does this happen to someone who loves her family and her life and others?

24:00 – “It smacked me in the face, and I knew something had to change right then and there.
24:30- I wasn’t doing anything that gave me true purpose

26:00- Just as fast as it went bad, it went GOOD

27:00- “You haven’t nagged me in like, 2 week babe!” When Jessie saw that life was completely turning around, and she was in control of it!

29:00 Jessie’s advice for the woman who is struggling with her life, marriage, career, EVERYTHING

29:30- “I have to want to change more than I want to stay the same.”

30:00- Creating Me Time

31:00- How Jessie transformed her marriage, the circle of love and respect

32:00 The ONLY THING that helped Jessie’s husband begin to grow and be willing to pour into their marriage (this one is tough)

33:00- The slow but sure effects of loving, pushing, serving, and being the example

35:00- Is this too good to be true? When self-sabotage is tempting

36:00- “Most men want…….”

37:00- He is the best thing that happened to me, and because of him my kids came along

38:00- How Jessie and hubby get through the hard times

39:00 Infusing humor into marriage arguments

40:00- Jessie’s embarrassing moment that her hubby brings up during arguments to diffuse anger or frustration (thanks for being so vulnerable here, girlfriend!)

42:00 “If we could just get naked fast enough…..”

43:00 How we can continue to invite Gladiator into our arena of life

44:00- Time blocking and productivity for the busy mom

46:00- Jessie’s definition of a Graceful Gladiator

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