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Heart of a Wanderer: Nana’s Poem

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Heart of a Wanderer: Nana’s Poem

This was the hardest podcast I have ever made, I started and stopped what felt like a hundred times. See today is my Nana’s birthday and since she went home to be with Jesus this summer, and I wanted today to be so special – I wanted to share with you the story of her life, the impact she made, all the hundreds of simple reasons why she is so irreplaceable to me. But as I sat with paper and a pen to write notes, I was left completely empty. There are just no words that I could breathe life in to that would ever sum up who she was and the impact she had on my life. They would all fall short. And then I thought about her- Nana was such a simple, private person. She probably wouldn’t like her life story out here for the world to listen to. And while she has quite the story- it’s not my story to tell.

So as I sat here with tears in my eyes, day after day as I tried so desperately to put words and sentences and paragraphs together in an effort to illuminate her life and legacy, I still continued to stare down at paper that just would not fill. And a wastebasket with crumbled papers and a laptop with dozens of half started sentences. And then i thought about something that Nana unknowingly left us. A little peep hole into her soul. A poem she wrote in her beautiful cursive and stuck into my Mom’s baby book, closed for a couple decades only to be found by Mom a couple weeks before Nana went to be with Jesus. And this poem, I believe with all my heart- is a song that we as women all sing…. Even if we haven’t known the words. And my hope is that today it will connect you to a piece of your soul that maybe you just haven’t been able to articulate.

Nana did many things- she was a wife, she was a mom to 5 children, she worked a full time job, she was a chef and a seamstress and a psychologist and housekeeper and accountant and a teacher and event planner and a gardener and the absolute best confidant and secret keeper. And yet, she had a soul that would sometimes dream of more. Of days were there wasn’t diapers to change and meals to be made and laundry to be washed dried and folded and put away. And so one Thursday afternoon she sat down at her kitchen table, the sliding glass door open with a little bit of a breeze trickling in, an apron on with flour splattered on it, the cord of the vacuum reaching across the kitchen floor, the sound of birds chirping in the garden, the faint melody of a wind-chime in her ear. And she took a pen and sheet of looseleaf paper and took a moment to dream. She wrote this:

I never knew Nana to be a writer. I wonder if she found this poem somewhere, or if it was hers. But either way, she held tightly to a beautiful lesson that I share with you today inside of the podcast. Listen in, and then here’s your battle plan:

Battle Plan:

This week, don’t look to what you do to fulfill you- look to:

  1. Why you do it
  2. Who you do it for
  3. Who you’re becoming in the process

Then, share a simple moment on IG or Facebook and share what beauty you find in the simplicity. #GracefulGladiator and tag me- @MrsHannahPlace so we can connect!


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