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Biz Women Rock… Seriously- Interview with Katie Krimitsos

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Biz Women Rock… Seriously- Interview with Katie Krimitsos

Welcome to the arena, Graceful Gladiator!

This week Katie Krimitsos joins us in the arena to discuss the relationship we as women have to success, business, family, and ourselves. You’re going to adore how intuitive, genuine, and funny Katie is!

Some highlights of our time together in the arena:

16- How Katie stays in tune with her Grace and Gladiator

17- Jumping in to Mamapreneurship

18- One of the scariest 4 letter words for women and how society sends mixed signals to us regarding this

19- Katie shares the question of wondering how she could be handle being a wife, mom, engaged family member, business owner?

20- Katie’s first few months of being a mom

20:30- Breaking down values

21- How Katie prioritizes each area of values

21:30- Katie’s love language and how she nurtures that in her marriage

22- Katie’s calendar system

23- How Katie is able to be fully present in every facet of life (Hint: this is SO DOABLE for us too!)

23:30- Are we as women “allowed” to be successful? (We’re talking society’s expectation of women & hustle)

24- The premise that Katie bucks because she believes they represent a false view of success

25- “If I have _____, but not _____, that is NOT success to me.”

26- Katie’s practical hack for decision making (this is a super cool spreadsheet. I LOVE spreadsheets!)

27- How to figure out where you should be putting your attention in your business

28- Reverse engineering your schedule, priorities, and value before the week begins

29- A day in the life of Katie

30- How to maximize your time efficiency

31- Starting with the end of mind

32- How to balance self-compassion and pushing yourself forward to greatness

33- Powerful, strategic relationships and how to find the right women to link arms with

34- Appreciating friends for the ways that they contribute to your life and who they are/what they bring to the table

35- Strategically nurturing relationships

36- Learning from other women

37- How to make yourself visible and pursue friendships

38- How Katie tapped on the shoulders of women who were already in her life and

39- Katie’s recipe for forward focused journaling

41- Katie’s journaling prompts

42- Writing in to the future

44- I’m so happy and grateful that…

45- “If I want to shift my attitude, this is what I do…”

46- How to ward off Imposter Syndrome

47- One of the greatest acts of self love

48- How to stand solidly in the presence of who we are called to be and serve

49- I share with Katie what I love most about her

50- Katie shares what being a Graceful Gladiator means to her:

“The beautiful compilation of two things that seems so opposing, and yet are intertwined together.”

[clickToTweet tweet=”Being a Graceful Gladiator: “The beautiful compilation of two things that seems so opposing, and yet are intertwined together.” – Katie Krimitsos” quote=”Being a Graceful Gladiator: “The beautiful compilation of two things that seems so opposing, and yet are intertwined together.” – Katie Krimitsos”]

Share your takeaway and how you’re going to apply your battle plan below!!! Can’t wait to hear what you learned from Katie!!


Katie talks about future focused journaling. If you want to implement what she shares in this episode, pick up a gorgeous journal to make your journaling a keepsake that inspires you and is also fun to go back and reflect on in the years to come. I love this leather bound journal with ties, because it feels so personal and a little old fashioned too. I can already see it becoming a keepsake!

If you want a journal that feels more minimalistic, I like this one, and you can choose personalized cover colors like black, red, or turquoise!

And last one- if you want to sketch, draw, paint or write without linesthis one is for you. It comes in a gorgeous box and it feels so soft and custom! I clearly have a thing for these keepsake looking journals with leather ribbons.

To download Episode 20 and save to your computer, right click here and “Save As”.

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