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Beauty from Ashes: Interview with Carrie Robaina

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Beauty from Ashes: Interview with Carrie Robaina

Carrie Robaina is a wife, mom, and successful entrepreneur. She runs a faith based women’s community called She Walks in Truth! Do you remember her from last month when she interviewed me for her podcast? (You can listen to that here). Carrie also runs a six figure networking marketing business. I don’t know how she manages it all, but she is filled with the joy of the Lord and has such a welcoming and sweet spirit!

From all outward appearances, you would not be able to tell that Carrie has been through devastating loss. It is truly an example of how we can’t judge a book by it’s cover! And, we never know what people may be going through behind closed doors. In this episode she shares about losing her Mom as a teenager, and she shares how she works hard today to keep her Mom’s memory alive through traditions and talking about her with her children.

Carrie also shares losing six pregnancies through miscarriage and ectopic pregnancies. She recalls the heartbreak, the asking for the doctor’s to let her risk her life for her unborn babies, the horror she experienced having to take a chemo shot to dissolve her dangerous ectopic pregnancy, and multiple surgeries. She shares the bond that her and her husband kept through this trauma and brings word of encouragement for women struggling for pregnancy. She recommends this book for any woman struggling with pregnancy loss.

“It’s in those rock bottom moments that I have a choice: Am I going to let this break me? Or am I going to believe God?”

Carrie Robaina

We also discuss:

  • Looking around to see the call God has placed on other people’s lives: is this healthy?
  • Keeping our eyes focused on the mission God has given us, like Noah!
  • Cheering other women on, women being stronger together
  • If there is no room at the table for you, start your own and make room for others!!
  • Looking around to see other women’s needs
  • Wherever you feel isolated, you have been called

This interview is inspiring and brings hope to anyone experiencing loss or seasons of waiting. Thanks for joining us in the arena this week, and make sure to share your favorite part of the interview with us below!

Connect with Carrie:




Song: Trading My Sorrows

Book for Pregnancy Loss

To download Episode 14 and save to your computer, right click here and “Save As”.

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