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The Mystery of Miracles

Being a PK (Pastor’s Kid/Preacher’s Kid) I have grown up with being one of the first to know about people that are struggling, being the first to receive prayer requests, and watching my parents go at all times of the day and night to visit people in the hospital.

I have heard stories of people who are in the most bleak situations who somehow find the joy to minister to others while they are amidst their own trial.

People who are filled with love for others despite the pain or uncertainty they are facing.

When I hear these stories, my heart is filled with amazement on how the person could be so strong and selfless that they would minister to others when they are the ones in immediate need.

Yet, this is the example we see in the Bible too. And it is the same story we read of in books like Jesus Freaks or Fox’s Book of Martyrs. People whose faith is so strong they don’t see, feel, or consider their temporary struggle to the “glory that will be revealed!”

I lose sight of this so easily. When I face hardship I get caught in the minutia and fall into self pity traps. I struggle, I falter, I fail.

I am humbled at the grace and beauty that God has given me and I am ashamed of how I consider my struggles to be worth tears, frustration, fear, and anger. I am trying to remove the words “It’s not fair” out of my personal dictionary.

In the places I hurt the most, I pray God will bring beauty. In the ways I have pain and sorrow, I pray God will use for others. In my brokenness, I pray He will magnify His strength.

We pray for miracles in our own lives, but today let’s consider:

“What if I am supposed to be the miracle that someone else is praying for?”


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