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To the woman that feels the call of God upon her life… Whether it is in your home or your business, your marriage, a friendship… If you are seeking direction, this is for you.


1 story, 4 points, and your Graceful Gladiator Battle Plan






Today in my War Room I read 1 Kings 13. A story of a prophet, who the Lord had given a very precise vision that came with specific instruction.

As the prophet shared the vision that God had given him, (he stepped out and acted) all the things the Lord said would happen came to pass.

The evil king didn’t like this, and tried to stop him. He even lifted his arm to point and have the prophet arrested, and as he did that, his arm became paralyzed and useless.


As the prophet walks in obedience, doing exactly what God has called him to do, he walks in God’s favor and protection. Not even the king stood a chance against him!!!

But then.. When the mission was nearly complete, an old prophet seeks him out and speaks a new word to him, and says that the new word is from the Lord, even though it is against the original word God had given him.



Unfortunately, our prophet decided to listen to the old prophet rather than obeying God’s direction to him.

Because of this, he dies.



There’s so much to learn here as it relates to the call that God has put upon our lives.

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First of all, let’s get something clear… We serve this SAME God today that we read of in 1 Kings. The same God that sends visions, dreams, bestows gifts of prophecy, He still speaks and moves THE SAME!!!! And He wants to use YOU AND ME. Right now, just as we are… imperfect and broken, washed clean and made pure through the sacrifice of Jesus.



Next, let’s note that the Bible says the gifts God has given us are irrevocable. THEY CAN’T BE TAKEN AWAY. So you know the nudging you are feeling from Him? That still, small voice that beckons you in to a new adventure or a call of obedience to a certain task? You are already equipped for it. You already have everything you need. Just step out in faith.



Now, when you step out, know that you are covered and protected by your Heavenly Father. Where He guides, He provides. Just as this prophet stepped out and was protected in his obedience, (even when he was oppressed) you will be protected too when you are living in submission to God’s will for your life. I always say, “The safest place in the world is being right in the middle of God’s perfect will.” (Even when it does not make sense. Even when it is hard. Even when it seems hopeless. Remember, our vision is limited, His vision is eternal.)


And lastly, we must know the voice of God. When the prophet in 1 Kings 13 listened to his Shepherd’s voice, he walked in safety. It was taking someone else’s words to heart and replacing God’s direction that led to his demise. John 10:27-28 says, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.”



As I am reflecting on this today, I am asking myself these questions:


Who has God called me to be?


What has He called me to do?


How am I limiting Him by my lack of action?



If you are in the arena with me in and ready for your BATTLE PLAN today, here it is:



 Trust and believe in God’s infinite power


Start or continue the journey to fervently pursuing the gifts/callings He has placed upon your life


 Go when He asks you to go…. Don’t hesitate, don’t look for qualifications, don’t find excuses


 Stay in His will to stay in His protection




What is God nudging you to do?


Who has He called YOU to be?

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