Homemade Body Scrub


Let’s be honest- there is nothing like a homemade body scrub that instantly makes you feel like you are at a spa. As I have just transitioned out of a very nutty season in business and life, I have been inspired to begin incorporating some self care practices. And, this was perfect timing, because my friend just returned from Thailand with a big satchel of loose leaf jasmine tea for me! As I took a big whiff of the super fragrant jasmine, I knew that I wanted to bring the tea into some type of a homemade body care item so I could continue enjoying the scent. So… a homemade body scrub made perfect sense!







2 cups white sugar

1/4 cup coarse pink salt

2-3 TBS loose leaf jasmine tea

10 drops rosemary essential oil

10 drops peppermint essential oil

Organic coconut oil, added a little bit at a time for consistency




Take jasmine loose leaf tea, and pour a little coconut oil over it and let sit for at least an hour. Then, put sugar and salt in a medium bowl and add drops of essential oil. Stir to combine well. Then, pour the jasmine loose leaf in coconut oil over the salt/sugar and stir well. Then, add coconut oil to achieve the consistency you would like! Store in mason jars or other glass jar, and make enough tp share with a friend!

Will you make this recipe? Do you like the idea of a savory and sweet homemade body scrub? Or prefer another scent? Let me know below!






Hi! I’m Hannah Place and I am on a mission to empower women through God’s word: to show them the truth’s He has declared over their lives, to uncover the hope that He has promised, and to prepare their hearts for the battles they face.

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My Hair Makeover


Lately I have seen a huge change in my hair, going from super thin and lifeless to healthier, stronger, and thicker. So of course I wanted to jump in and share with you a few things I have changed in my routine that seem to be making a big difference!! When we first moved to Scottsdale in 2017, I felt like my hair was turning into straw! The water was dry, the air was dry, and the heat was sucking the life out of my hair. Plus, over the summer, we spent probably 4 days a week in our pool which was ah-mazing, but left my hair in serious need of rehab.








When I went to my hairstylist, I complained that the bottom 2 inches of my hair literally felt like sand paper, and she told me that living in AZ was going to require a little more maintenance for my locks than I was accustomed to. She recommended shampoo and conditioner that was like, $48 for a 2 ounce bottle (literally) and I decided to do some research and figure out simpler ways to help the health of my hair! I started implementing these 5 things immediately. And I have seen a massive difference, so much so that I want to share it with you, too! And, I got you covered, because everything here is super affordable!


Summer is coming and we need all the tricks to keep our hair shiny and smooth despite beach trips and chlorine filled pools, amiright??


  1. This filter in my shower



This was a 5 minute install process that hooked up to my shower and then our shower head attached to the front of it afterwards. Not only is this insanely beneficial for your hair, but also your skin (a sponge for toxins!) This filter:

  • Reduces up to 95% of chlorine
  • Reduces chemical absorption and vapor inhalation in the shower environment.
  • Reduces the levels of hydrogen sulfide, iron, and iron oxide
  • Contains bacteriostatic media
  • Reduces damage to hair and skin
  • Back Flush Attachment to prevent premature clogging
  • Includes Massage Shower Head


And I know it was one of the key things to restoring the integrity of my hair. Our hair has pores, and when it is soaking up chlorine every day in the shower, what can we expect but dried out strands?? This is now a non-negotiable for us. Mike said he can even feel a difference with his skin not being dried out after showers!! Just replace once a year or 20,000 gallons. This is my FAVORITE non-negotiable part of my hair care! P.S. If the exact shower head doesn’t pop up for you, just type on “Shower” in the search bar!



  1. This tangle brush


Literally, it’s the ONLY brush I use any more. You can use it on wet hair or dry hair and it is MAGIC for detangling and smoothing your hair. Do yourself a favor here and get this exact one, because there are tons of knock offs and they DO NOT WORK!!! Some things you just can’t skimp on. I also have a boar bristle brush which is supposedly the best thing for hair and properly distributing the oils throughout your hair, but I use it probably 10% of the time, and 90% is the tangle brush. When traveling, I don’t even bother bringing my boar bristle brush. Tangle brush only please!!


  1. The right clip


Using a clip instead of a hair tie when possible is super helpful to help alleviate extra strain on your strands. Hair ties yank, pull, and start to cause splitting and weakness high up on your hair. So, when you just need to get your hair out of your face for washing your face, taking a body shower, or doing chores around the house, I use this type of alligator clip and it works like a charm. I have tried probably a hundred different kinds of clips over the years, some clamp down too hard, some don’t clamp enough, some pull your hair, and some let hairs slip through. It’s aggravating! But this clip, it’s like the holy grail of hair clips. The teeth on it are just right and the flexibility in the clip works like a dream. On a few occasions when my hair is looking perfect and I want to keep it as is for second day hair, I will wrap it up in a high bun and sleep with it in this clip also.




  1. Shampoo and Conditioner

I became an ingredient NUT when I was 20 years old and living on my own. It was a rainy Tuesday, I was off work, and got stuck on the coach with a bowl full of Brookshire chocolate-acai-thingies and watching tv. An infomercial came on about some new natural product, and just as I nearly clicked away, they said something that caught my attention. The infomercial lady started talking about how cosmetic products can have carcinogenic chemicals inside of them, and that our skin absorbs them. I was FLABBERGASTED. Who on earth would let this happen???? I grabbed my laptop and started googling what these chemicals were called and walked straight into by bathroom and started pulling everything out of my shower: shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, delicious smelling foaming body soap….. And to my dismay, they were ALL TOXIC. I got a big trash bag and in one day cleared out my entire bathroom. I was disgusted. Now, it has been a journey but I take extra good care of what I put in my body and on my body. I am not perfect, but for the most part, I like to try and abide by the 80/20 rule.

  • 80% of the time use the best, do the best
  • 20% live life and don’t worry about it


So for example, my face cream will be PERFECT ingredients. But my hairspray is going to be the one that just really, really works for me. This was a bit of a tangent but I wanted to preface this point with that story because I truly believe the quality of what you use is of the utmost importance. I used Pureology for YEARS for my hair, and still think they are great but not PERFECT ingredients. It is a huge struggle to find PERFECT ingredients that also give your hair the body, shine, movement and strength we want. Right now, I have been using John Masters Organics, this shampoo and this conditioner. Crazy affordable, smell like a spa, perfect ingredients, and they work great. I’m happy!


  1. Leave in treatments

Ok, here’s where the “not-perfect-but-it-works” comes in. I just adore these two leave in products. They are my everyday, ride or die leave in conditioners. Here’s how I use them:


  • Get out of shower, towel dry hair.


  • Spray this one in. It’s more of a detangler and gives some conditioner and nutrients straight to your hair.
  • Use tangle brush and comb through hair.
  • Spray with this blow dry spray.
  • Dry!!


I think leave in treatments are so important because they stay with you all day, guarding your hair from the elements.




So Graceful Gladiators, what products do you love for healthy, strong hair? I know when my hair is on point I feel so confident when I am working, traveling, and speaking. I would love to learn your tips and tricks!



Hi! I’m Hannah Place and I am on a mission to empower women through God’s word: to show them the truth’s He has declared over their lives, to uncover the hope that He has promised, and to prepare their hearts for the battles they face.

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I’m Allergic to Corn- Now What?


I went to a new doctor recently, and found out that I have an undiagnosed food allergy. This was so interesting to me because I don’t have “normal” allergy symptoms. I didn’t realize that even if I wasn’t breaking out, having breathing issues, or skin trouble that I could still be internally struggling with an allergic reaction. I consider myself to be healthy, active, and didn’t think there was anything per-se WRONG with what I was eating.



(Cause let’s get it straight, there’s nothing wrong with the occassional pizza, mac n cheese, and chips and salsa, right?)


After tons (an hour and a half) of muscle testing, I found out that I tested normally for gluten (cool.. I guess it doesn’t mean I SHOULD eat it, just means I’m not allergic) chocolate (phew!), coffee (this was exciting) and even dairy (not a fan, but also not allergic). However, I did find out that my body weakened and therefore has an allergic response to CORN.




That was my first reaction!! I felt very nonchalant about how easy it would be to avoid corn. I don’t eat corn, unless it’s in some organic chips from Costco and so I thought this would be pretty easy to make the new lifestyle change!! That was, until he explained all the names that corn likes to hide underneath… And all the ingredients that are derived from corn or may have corn in them! Want to take a peek?

Corn Derived Ingredients

Acetic acid


Alpha tocopherol

Artificial flavorings

Artificial sweeteners


Ascorbic acid

Aspartame (Artificial sweetener)


Baking powder

Barley malt

Bleached flour

Blended sugar

Brown sugar (typically the caramel color)

Calcium citrate

Calcium fumarate

Calcium gluconate

Calcium lactate

Calcium magnesium acetate (CMA)

Calcium stearate

Calcium stearoyl lactylate

Caramel and caramel color

Carbonmethylcellulose sodium

Cellulose microcrystalline

Cellulose, methyl

Cellulose, powdered

Cetearyl glucoside

Choline chloride

Citric acid

Citrus cloud emulsion (CCS)

Coco glycerides (cocoglycerides)

Confectioners sugar

Crosscarmellose sodium

Crystalline dextrose

Crystalline fructose


DATUM (a dough conditioner)

Decyl glucoside

Decyl polyglucose


Dextrose (also found in IV solutions)

Dextrose anything (such as monohydrate or anhydrous)

d-Gluconic acid

Distilled white vinegar

Drying agent

Erythorbic acid



Ethocel 20



Ethyl acetate

Ethyl alcohol

Ethyl lactate

Ethyl maltol



Food starch


Fruit juice concentrate

Fumaric acid

Germ/germ meal


Gluconic acid

Glucono delta-lactone




Glucose syrup (also found in IV solutions)



Gluten feed/meal




Golden syrup


Hydrolyzed vegetable protein

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose pthalate (HPMCP)


Invert syrup or sugar

Iodized salt


Lactic acid

Lauryl glucoside


Linoleic acid


Magnesium fumarate


Malic acid

Malonic acid

Malt syrup from corn

Malt, malt extract






Methyl gluceth

Methyl glucose

Methyl glucoside


Microcrystaline cellulose

Modified cellulose gum

Modified food starch

Molasses (corn syrup may be present; know your product)

Mono and di glycerides

Monosodium glutamate


Natural flavorings



Polylactic acid (PLA)

Polysorbates (e.g. Polysorbate 80)

Polyvinyl acetate

Potassium citrate

Potassium fumarate

Potassium gluconate

Powdered sugar

Pregelatinized starch

Propionic acid

Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol monostearate


Salt (iodized salt)

Semolina (unless from wheat)


Sodium carboxymethylcellulose

Sodium citrate

Sodium erythorbate

Sodium fumarate

Sodium lactate

Sodium starch glycolate

Sodium stearoyl fumarate


Sorbic acid


Sorbitan monooleate

Sorbitan tri-oleate


Sorghum (syrup and/or grain may be mixed with corn)

Splenda (Artificial sweetener)


Stearic acid


Sucralose (Artificial sweetener)





Tocopherol (vitamin E)


Triethyl citrate

Unmodified starch

Vanilla, natural flavoring

Vanilla, pure or extract


Vinegar, distilled white

Vinyl acetate

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

Vitamin supplements

Xanthan gum




Is your head spinning yet? Cause mine is. And, the thing about a food allergy is that it’s kind of like the Biblical principle of “a little leaven leavens the whole lump” — in other words, a little corn will still make my body react. This made me realize that ordering a pizza from the place across the street, having a slice of my Mom’s chicken pot pie with Betty Crocker crust, and even just grabbing a container of almond milk from the grocery store was gone now. I have to learn a new way to eat, and interact with food, especially the food that other people may prepare. It also made me realize that the occasional surprise and delight foods, like a cute donut stop on our Saturday morning bike rides, was gone. 


I desperately do not want to be the person with the food allergy, always needing exceptions to be made and asking 101 questions to the server at the restaurant, so I text my friend Jacqueline to ask how she handles her food sensitivities (she is allergic to corn as well). To which she shared with me that she has found corn in the craziest of places like a jar of organic garlic cloves, and that the safest thing to eat while at a restaurant is a salad with fresh veggies and olive oil and lemon juice on the side. We commiserated over the loss of being able to order ANYTHING we probably wanted, and I learned that even super healthy restaurants like True Foods (my fav) have corn derived ingredients in seasonings, dressings, and sauces. I then realized that guilt over trying to keep everyone happy at the expense of my own health wasn’t going to do me any good. And, I will just have to learn what I can eat so I can still live fully. 


My first week without anything corn was easy because I was at home.


My second week without corn was hard, because I traveled out of state.


Saying “no” to things I typically would love to partake in has already been tough, like the angel food cake I made for my Mom and the homemade barbecue my brother prepared. I have a feeling this journey isn’t going to be easy!!


One of the craziest things my doctor shared with me, was that even TOPICAL corn is bad for me. Which means, my FAVORITE homemade deodorant is no longer safe for me. (Literally, was HEARTBROKEN to hear this.) I was able to find an amazing new deodorant though, that is made with all pure, delicious ingredients and even scored a discount code for you too if you want to order it. (Code: Hannah)



Like springy, summery, outdoorsy happiness.

I am curious about their charcoal one, it gets amazing reviews but with all my white tops I was just too nervous to try black under my arms. If you try it, let me know. I think I may order it for Mike. Lavender or geranium are next on my list! And yes…. The answer is YES. This deodorant ACTUALLY WORKS. I live in Arizona, and it’s 100 degrees right now, so you can trust me on that. Before I made my own deodorant, I tried EVERY ONE ON THE MARKET I felt like, and none of them worked. So this is such a relief, because I was convinced I was just gonna stink!!!



Which one sounds the most luxurious to you?!


I will be starting to research new options for food, snacks, dressings, etc so let me know if this is something that you are interested in learning more about! I will share what I learn here, and if you have any tips on avoiding corn in food, I would LOVE to hear them. I am new to this food allergy game and I know it will be a journey!!


Talk soon, 




Hi! I’m Hannah Place and I am on a mission to empower women through God’s word: to show them the truth’s He has declared over their lives, to uncover the hope that He has promised, and to prepare their hearts for the battles they face.

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What Type of Juicer Is Best For Me?


I absolutely love the feeling of eating clean and treating my body well. And for the most part, I stay on the 80/20 path and that keeps me feeling good while also allowing me to live and indulge here and there. But let’s be honest, busy schedules, running a business, LIFE can be ROUGH in the health department…. I don’t know what your schedule entails but for us it’s real estate, consulting, speaking, traveling… Some weeks it’s hotel food for days on end, and let’s just say I have been in a serious learning curve of figuring out how to honor my body, eat for my needs, stay nourished… etc.



So, I wanted to share with you one of the tools that we have in our home that SERIOUSLY streamlines getting nutrients in our bodies. Cause like, you can only eat SO. MANY. SALADS. Ammiright??






For a few months we checked out juicers. But I wasn’t completely sold on the idea for a few reasons:



  1. We take organic, pure superfoods every single day in powder form. They have been dehydrated with no heat, so when they touch water the activate and it’s like drinking fresh press on demand. Plus, its SIMPLE, SUPER cost effective (like $2-3 per drink), and there is virtually no cleanup. Which, brings me to my next point…
  2. Clean up. Ain’t nobody got time for scrubbing dishes for an extra 20 minutes for 2 measly glasses of juice. I couldn’t stand the thought of how tedious clean up would be. (I literally can NOT handle dishes. They’re the worst.)
  3. Juice is on countdown. (Not trying to mess with the people who juice once for the whole week, but I can’t stand the thought of losing nutrients like that. Juice is recommended to be consumed within 20 minutes, or oxidation takes place.)

With all of those concerns we just hadn’t been able to convince ourselves that we would need or use the juicer enough.



So… what shifted?


I found out I have some adrenal/thyroid weaknesses… And so I bought the Medical Medium book on Healing Thyroid. It was FASCINATING. Part of his thyroid healing regimen includes consuming fresh pressed, plain, straight celery juice on an empty stomach every morning. He also recommends doing the same with cucumber each night. So.. I thought, this is easy enough. I can’t do ALL THE THINGS but I CAN do some of the things, and this seemed like an easy way to support my thyroid. So yes, the answer is yes… We got a juicer so I could have celery juice for my thyroid!



The size I chop the celery into before inserting into juicer:



As you can see, we are now the proud owners of this Omegaand the experience using it has been incredible. It is a cold press juicer, the actual term being “masticating”. This process extracts the highest nutritional value as opposed to a centrifugal juicer, which works really fast and damages the nutrient properties in the produce. (Oops– like 10 years ago, I bought this juicer and totally thought I was getting it allllll right. Turns out tons of nutrients were lost in the processing, but let’s be honest, it’s still better than eating a cheeseburger 😛 )



Juicers can be used for a variety of creations, not just juices. You can also make nut butters, milks, dips, and salsas. Soooooo, when shopping for a juicer, make sure you know what you will be using it for. For instance, this juicer got great reviews but it was only for regular fruits and veggies and nothing too hard like ginger root. I knew we were going to be juicing lots of roots so that option fell of the list of potentials for us. But, if you know you won’t be juicing things like ginger, beets, radish, turmeric, etc.. That could be an option for you!


But I mean…. Just look at this gorgeous juice with a beet in it!!!






Omega Juicers also come with a 15 year warranty, as opposed to the typical 2-5 year warranty of others we looked it.


So far we have used it CONSISTENTLY at LEAST 3 times a week, but most weeks we use it at least 5 times and sometimes even 7 times a week. And.. ready for maybe the best part????? Clean up is an absolute breeze.


*Cue the hallelujah chorus*


You can trust me….I don’t just say that…. As you know, doing dishes is my LEAST favorite chore. We actually have a rule around our Place that I cook and he washes. (Doesn’t happen that way all the time though, we change roles a lot!)


I timed myself the first few times cleaning and we are talking 2-3 minutes only to hand wash each piece immediately after juicing. <<<<INSERT EASY BUTTON HERE>>>>>





As you can see, juicing can be messy. For me at least. Maybe that’s why I don’t like cleanup! 😛


I am juicing celery for myself every morning,

and while I sip on my glass of green, I make Mike what we call a “Hot Shot”. He loves the super concentrated, spicy fresh presses that usually cost us $6-$9 at the farmers market or juicery. I am making them at home for CENTS.


(See those crazy looking scissors in the pic? Mike’s Mom bought them for me, and it’s one of those gadgets where I was like, is this actually gonna work?? Will I actually use it? And surprisingly, the blades are crazy sharp and strong, and I actually use it! I don’t use it every time I juice, but i’s super easy to slice a squash or a celery and not have to even get a cutting board dirty.)

Benefits of Mike’s Hot Shot:


  • Fights inflammation
  • Supports digestion
  • Boosts immune function
  • Fights infection
  • Helps workout recovery
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Lots of vitamin C (please don’t ever buy Emergen-C, if you need an quick Vit C boost let me know and I’ll share some great options)
  • Keeps body alkaline


Here’s the recipe for his Hot Shot:


  • 1 organic apple
  • 1 inch piece of ginger root
  • 1 inch piece of turmeric root
  • ½ organic lemon with skin on


Run through the juicer in that order, and then stir in a few sprinkles of cayenne and fresh ground black pepper.

(If you are REALLY brave, you can even put a slice of jalapeno through the juicer too. We don’t do that. )





I should also mention one of the benefits of a juicer that no one ever talks about. NO MORE PRODUCE WASTE. Like, when you see that you have celery wilting, strawberries getting a little soft, cilantro that has seen better days…. You just toss it all in the juicer and make a feast out of it!!!!!



If you have a juicer, what’s your favorite recipe? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll give you a shout out when we make it!!!


Cheers to health!



Hi! I’m Hannah Place and I am on a mission to empower women through God’s word: to show them the truth’s He has declared over their lives, to uncover the hope that He has promised, and to prepare their hearts for the battles they face.

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My Sleep Habits, and How To Create Your Sleep Habits




Recently in a podcast I talked briefly about how important sleep is to me and how I protect it at all costs. And I don’t say that nonchalantly, I REALLY appreciate getting the right amount of sleep per night. Some people run on 4 or 5 hours, but I am a solid 8 hour sleeper. Give me less and I just don’t function well. At all.



In my early twenties, when I was working in corporate and also very stressed out with job/relationship issues, I had horrible insomnia. And it affected every single hour of my day. I think that is partially why I am so passionate about getting my quality sleep now. I love waking up refreshed and just knowing I am giving my body what it needs.



I had quite a few of you DM me and ask for sleep recommendations. Sleep music, sleep sounds, sleep meditation, there are so many different things that people are using to get into a restful state especially since we are all so stimulated by technology everyday! For me, quality sleep breaks down to getting 3 categories right (mess up one and sleep will be compromised):




  1. Prep
  2. Coziness
  3. Hormones



So let’s dive in!



Prep Part 1: Reverse Engineer



Prepping to sleep is number one because it is the simplest part to get right. This part of a sleep routine is all about creating sleep habits that work for you and for your goals. You will want to reverse engineer your sleep and ask yourself:



  1. How many hours do I need/want to sleep (7-9 hours is recommended by most sleep experts)
  2. What time do I need to wake up tomorrow



From here, I reverse engineer. For instance, I choose to be up at 6 AM every day, so I need to be ASLEEP at 10, notice, not in bed at 10. To get my 8 hours of sleep, I begin my sleep routine at 9 PM so I can be asleep by 10:00.


Prep Part 2: Wind Down



Winding down is a term my family used all the time growing up. Winding down meant watching tv, lounging on the couch, and doing anything that was basically non-engaging or stimulating to the mind. I find it is important to have a solid hour of winding down before it’s actually time to go to bed, but I do this differently than watching tv.



I truly with all of my heart believe that electronics are crazy stimulating to our brains and should be avoided as much as possible before bed. At LEAST for an hour before bed. So, I have a different wind down down process. And if I MUST be on electronics, I do 2 things to help my exposure to all the blue light…


Turn my phone and laptop to Night Shift:

On iPhones you would go to Settings > Display and Brightness > Night Shift > Enable Sunset to Sunrise



Wear blue light blocker glasses

Yes, I look funny (Should I post photo proof? lol) But they work and soothing to the eyeballs and brain!

I have these.

But I wish I would have bought these because tortoise frames are so cute.



My winding down process is as follows:


  1. Shut off all electronics 
    1. Phone alarm set, plugged in in the bathroom.
    2. Laptop closed. This one is the hardest to put away.
  2. Turn off bright lights in the house, switch to low light from pink himalayan salt lamps.



I have used the same pink salt lamps every single day for about 4 years now. They are our favorite and we each have one next to our normal lamps in our bedroom. They have awesome health benefits and help set the mood for a relaxing and romantic night too.







  1. Shower and do facial care. I absolutely love my nighttime skin care regimen. It is like therapy and so relaxing. Do you know what I mean?
  2. Read.



I always have 3-4 books going at once. I grab one of them, and jump into bed while I wait for Mikey to finish up his night time routine. I LOVE ending my night with a good book for so many reasons, but especially because it puts good things into my brain right before I go to sleep. I have learned an important lesson here though- no business books before bed. That just gets me pumped with ideas and defeats the entire purpose of all these sleep habits I have put into place!! My favorite books are Christian women books… Personal development, faith topics… Etc.





Diffuse: I don’t do this all the time but when I remember, I will diffuse lavender and cedarwood in our room. I just bought my Mom this diffuser. I love how it has a light light for some ambiance.


Relax Melodies Phone App: Free version has the ability to mix your own sleep melodies!






Coziness is just seriously non-negotiable. Do you realize you spend ⅓ of your day in bed??? And, while you are here is when your body is doing all of its cellular repair and rebuilding. This is NOT the place to skimp guys!






Recently, we updated all of our pillows. Mike and I both struggle with super intense neck pain and it seems like every year for the past 3 we have gone through a new pillow hoping it will have the right combination of soft and firm. We don’t like fluffy, soft, down pillows… and don’t like the thick tempurpedic type rectangle pillow. We finally settled on these and we are super happy with them.


We unpackaged them and set them outside all day to “breathe” and then kept them in our spare bedroom for 2 days just so we weren’t sleeping on the plastic smell. Then we roughed them up a bit. From the time we took them out of the packaging, to a couple days later, they grew in size probably by a little more than double!!


I love the way it feels on my neck and it has excellent support. The one thing I would say negatively is that each night I have to rough it up again because the little shreds of memory foam sink in. That doesn’t bother me though. After sleeping on them for about a month, I decided to take out some of the stuffing (10 small handfuls) and that has made it perfect for my head weight and shape.




Silk Pillowcases



My Nana would always tell me that silk pillowcases are great for healthy skin and hair and now that we have them I can say that my favorite part is just how incredibly soft it is when my face hits the pillow each night. I LOVE it. LOVE. (Cannot emphasize that enough!) If it is good for skin and hair, that is just a bonus in my opinion.

If you have been interested in having a silk pillowcase, make sure you get 100% pure silk, not a 1 sided silk (tricky) or polyester blend. We chose these.. 100% pure Mulberry silk, undyed, white, with a hidden zipper.


Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper



Even though we have a California King with a pillow top, I decided this past summer the bed just wasn’t cozy enough for me. Mikey surprised me with this and I squealed with joy when I got to jump in bed and experience it. Oh. My Gosh.






This is something that isn’t addressed often when it comes to sleep, but hormones play a huge role in our sleep quality. When it comes to your sleep habits, it is definitely something to address.


In college, I lived on melatonin. I was super thankful for it. It wasn’t a cure all, but it helped. But then I learned about melatonin. Did you know that melatonin is a hormone? It was interesting to consider that I wouldn’t take estrogen or testosterone supplements, but I was taking melatonin supplements…. And I wondered what type of effect that could have on my other hormones. All of our hormones are intricately connected. And when you take a hormone from an outside supplement, it can affect your body’s ability and desire to produce it naturally.




If you enjoy taking melatonin, that is great, and if you are on the fence, do the research and see what is best for you and your lifestyle. But what I found was that when I took it out, my body had learned to rely on it and was deficient in making it’s own natural melatonin since I had been getting it from an outside source. That just didn’t sit well with me. I didn’t want to rely on an outside source, and I didn’t know or understand what taking it could do to my other hormones (which at the time, were whacky) so I stopped taking it.




Instead…. I went ALL NATURAL.




I knew I needed sleep support but I wanted to train and equip my body to do it for itself. So I dug into what I had learned with our entire health journey… Basically, if I needed Vitamin C, rather than taking Vitamin C I would eat/drink foods that had high quantities of Vitamin C. For instance, I learned for my body I really needed to focus on getting more Selenium, so instead of taking a Selenium supplement, I began making it a daily practice to eat 4-5 brazil nuts per day to give me lots of Selenium!



I applied this to my need for help with melatonin, and found this. This specific pure, thick tart cherry extract has a minimum of 7,000 ORAC units: Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity which fight free radicals that cause inflammation, all the while soothing the hormones, rebalancing my circadian rhythm, and get this… it helps my body produce it’s own natural melatonin.



It is NOT melatonin, but it gives my brain the gentle nourishment that equips it to release as much melatonin as I need for healthy, restorative REM sleep.




I have been drinking this nightly for 4 years now and I can count on both hands how many times I have missed it in the 4 years.


Keep in mind that all tart cherry extract is NOT created equal. I tried the Trader Joe’s brand… inadequate. I tried some from Sprouts and the taste did not even come close to the richness of this one. Kind of like tasting a store bought tomato or a home grown fresh picked tomato from your garden!



Then, Costco came out with one and I was super curious because like 99% of everything Costco does I adore. But their tart cherry extract was watery and more like something you would expect from a kid’s cherry juice box.



If you want to search and find the holy grail of all tart cherry… happy hunting. Or if you want to trust my search and use what I have adored for 4 years, you can use the code “GracefulGladiator” to get it nearly for free for your first order when you check out! I only recommend this one because I stand behind it with my whole heart (and my sleep quality backs it up!)


Basic Beauty Sleep Cocktail


1-2 TBS ApotheCherry

4-12 oz water

Stir in a glass and enjoy!




Note: Sometimes,  I just take 2 TBS straight. I LOVE the taste of tart cherry! Mike likes to take his in a tall glass of probably 14-16 oz of water with a couple of ice cubes. There is no wrong answer.



If you REALLY need sleep support, you can beef up your Beauty Sleep Cocktail to the Gladiator approved Beauty Sleep Cocktail. This is for the REALLY, REALLY, sleep deprived Graceful Gladiator!


My Beauty Sleep Cocktail



1-2 TBS ApotheCherry

20 drops Ionic Elements 

1 tsp 40x Aloe Vera   

1-2 tsp Calm



You definitely need enough water for this one, I recommend 8 oz. The Ionic Elements give you all your trace minerals plus help your nails and hair grow long and strong. The Aloe Vera is a highly concentrated (40x) aloe that acts as a carrier to take the ApotheCherry and Ionic Elements to every cell of your body! It also assists in a healthy immune system and lubricates your joints. The Calm powder is magnesium which most of us are all deficient in. It is perfect to relax your body before bed.  




Who needs wine? Tart cherry FTW!




I have to admit, before writing this post I didn’t think of myself as a high maintenance sleep person. But now I am re-thinking that! This was a ton of information but hopefully you found it interesting and not overwhelming, and I would love to know any tips you have for sleep time as well! Share with me below!!




Oh, and before I forget…In my interview with neuropsychologist Dr. Shannon Irvine she completely dissects the importance of sleep on our overall longevity and on brain function. It’s fascinating. If you want to listen to her interview just click here.



Sleep tight, you’ll need it so you can be strong in the arena each day!


XX~ Hannah


Hi! I’m Hannah Place and I am on a mission to empower women through God’s word: to show them the truth’s He has declared over their lives, to uncover the hope that He has promised, and to prepare their hearts for the battles they face.

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Beauty Water



I am a huge believer in bookending my days. I can’t always control what happens during the day, especially with traveling, events, and being on the go, but 99.9% of the time I can at least control the way I start my day and end my day. This blog is going to share the first thing I do after my lemon water every morning!


Growing up I was a cereal girl first thing in the morning. I was also a Monsanto kid, as many of you probably were too. Lots of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Honey Nut Cheerios, Special K, and don’t get me started on Fruity Pebbles….



As an adult and especially when Mike went through his health scare, I started learning about reading labels and the importance of what we put in our bodies. I went through a phase of doing smoothies first thing, trying to keep the fast and even work out on an empty stomach (no no no no no.. for ME), and now I have settled in to a routine that feels perfect for my body and my lifestyle.


I think that is the most important thing… To do what feels right for YOU. We all have different bodies, different concerns, and different lifestyles.


One thing I am a HUGE believer in is superfoods. I don’t care if you are a meat-lovers pizza ordering, food contest winning, fried food loving person…. Having a superfood or two or three each day will benefit your body in incredible ways.


I think of superfoods as an elite group of foods that God made with extra care… Zucchini and brussels sprouts, for example, are vegetables, NOT superfoods.


Here is the actual definition of a Superfood by David Wolfe, in his book called “Superfoods”:

Superfoods comprise a specific set of edible, incredibly nutritious plants that are not entirely classifiable as foods nor are they entirely classifiable as medicine, such as herbs. Super foods are both a food and a medicine; they have elements of both.

They are a class of the most potent, super concentrated, and nutrient rich foods on the planet. They have more bang for the buck than our usual foods. Super foods have the ability to tremendously increase the vital force and energy of one’s body, and are the optimal choice for improving overall health, boosting the immune system, elevating serotonin production, enhancing sexuality, and cleansing and alkalizing the body.

Super foods meet and exceed all our protein requirements, vitamin and mineral requirements, glyco-nutrient requirements, essential fatty acid requirements, immune system requirements, and so much more. Nourishing us at the deepest level possible, they are the true fuel of today’s superhero.



I read this book a few years ago, and I think I highlighted like, 90% of the book.



I incorporate superfoods in many ways inside of my day, bookending with both my mornings and evenings having components of different superfoods. But today I just want to share one simple beverage that will give you an incredible boost of energy, anti-aging benefits, and support healthy blood sugar levels. (Super important for the morning because what you do first thing sets your body for the whole day.)





The Key Ingredients in this Beauty Cocktail are:



  • Organic Beet Root,
  • Organic Coconut Water Powder
  • Organic Pomegranate
  • Organic Maca Root
  • Organic Cordyceps sinensis Mushroom
  • Organic Panax Ginseng,
  • Organic Eleuthero Root
  • Marine Collagen


Among a few others 🙂


The beet root will increase your vascularity and blood flow, which is great for energy and workouts. Coconut water is hydrating and has lots of minerals, maca is great for hormonal balance, coryceps mixed with ginseng are INSANE for energy, and Eleuthero Root boosts cognition, reduces fatigue, and is beneficial for heart and brain. So overall, this is a superfood boost that will benefit your mind AND body.

I have this in the am, sometimes before breakfast and sometimes after. Always before a workout, and on days I don’t workout I still have it. There is no energy spike and crash, you just feel awake and clear. As a former coffee ADDICT, I appreciate that.




Beauty Water Recipe:





You can put this in a shaker cup, and you guessed it…. Shake it! Or, put in a tall glass and whisk it with a fork. It dissolves easily.


I personally love combining my superfoods, because they compliment each other and supercharge one another when used in unison. The Can’t Beet This does this for me so I don’t need to purchase a ton of different superfoods and do it myself. The powder is all dehydrated with no heat, so the nutrients activate when put in water.

Collagen is something I was reluctant to try. But after I met some seriously stunning women over the age of 50, and they ALL told me Marine Collagen was the secret behind their face, I caved. I love this brand, it is the one that was recommended to me and I haven’t tried any others.




Overall this drink gives me exactly what I need in the mornings… I need to feel awake, feel balanced, and have a clear mind. I also love that it gives me a collagen boost which is not only great for anti-aging, but also for my joints. When I am closer to my menstrual cycle, I add 2 scoops of collagen for extra joint support.



Thanks so much for reading, and if you have any beauty tips, or if you have tried the Can’t Beet This Or Marine Collagen, let me know what you think of it!



If you want to try Can’t Beet This for nearly free.. Just use the code “GracefulGladiator” when you order. That will give you $50 off anything you’d like!


Talk soon!!




Hi! I’m Hannah Place and I am on a mission to empower women through God’s word: to show them the truth’s He has declared over their lives, to uncover the hope that He has promised, and to prepare their hearts for the battles they face.

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