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Last Saturday morning I sat on my couch watching the grey skies pour rain, hearing occasional bits of thunder. It was GLORIOUS. I sipped steaming coffee out of my my Prayer Warrior mug and indulged in one of my favorite fall breakfasts- a hot baked sweet potato with butter and cinnamon. (Don’t judge- it’s delicious. Seriously, try it.) Mike was out of town speaking at a conference so I was alone, soaking in the sounds of fall and thinking that this is my absolute favorite time of year. Which made me reflect… it was NOT always this way.








My entire adulthood, fall was a time of WORK. From 18-20 I was overloaded with academics. I graduated college in 2.5 years so fall/winter meant 25-28 units, registering for winter intersession, extra night classes PLUS holding down a nannying and tutoring job. Then, at 21 I was graduated and working full time… In RETAIL MANAGEMENT. Fall and winter meant working 10 times harder than any other time of the year… Longer hours, more angry and hurried customers, extra demands, less time with family. And worst of all, on days when I wanted more than ever to be baking cookies with my Mom or decorating the tree with my Dad or going to Christmas Eve service or having festive lunches with friends… I was working.






Then after 4 years, I transitioned into an even more corporate type environment, one where commuting to LA, OC, SD was a daily routine. Fall and winter meant I was driving in pouring rain with extra traffic, going to work events far from home… An introverts nightmare! So it is with insane gratitude that I sipped my coffee last Saturday and stared out at the grey sky and pouring rain. Because I knew that entering this fall and winter season would be one I would actually cherish. A season of quiet, still mornings. A season of new memories with my hubby and having time freedom to travel and be with our families. This year will be year #4 of entrepreneurship for me, and it is not lost on me that it wasn’t always this way. Thank you Jesus.

And sister, if you are praying for time freedom, release from a job that you dread, or a change in the way you are required to spend your time or location of work… I will pray with you in agreement for that shift! Just let me know in the comments. Last Saturday, nearly 20 people on Facebook came together and prayed at the same time for breakthrough in this area… it was so powerful! 

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. Matthew 18:20


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I share all of this with you because during those earlier years I was describing, I struggled horribly. I was also enduring the hardship of a marriage that was crumbling faster than I could comprehend… This NO DOUBT made my career a thousand times more unbearable. But the corporate demands were there too… Numbers, quotas, managing a team, quarterly projections, regional meetings, 12 hour days on my feet, and in HIGH HEELS nonetheless.


It’s actually insane as I look back and can see from a an eagle eye’s perspective how much stress was on my little body. It was nearly half a decade that you could sum up as the hurricane of horrors. I was literally the shell of a person. I’ve shared before that I entered into my twenties with starry eyes and a hopeful heart… And 5 years later got spit out on the other end divorced, heartbroken, jaded and looking like I had been electrocuted. This, Graceful Gladiators, was my story of BURNOUT.



It is because burnout is SO real yet has such little conversation around it, that I asked my friend Dr. Amira May Woodruff to come on the Graceful Gladiator podcast and share her insight with us in the arena. She experienced burnout too… After achieving her career ambitions, becoming a dentist, marrying the love of her life, and from the outsiders perspective having “it all”.




So if you’re reading my story and feeling a thread of commonality to the struggle, here’s what you need to know:



First, you’re not alone.

Second, IT’S REAL (not in your head).

Third, there’s help.





Listen in to the Graceful Gladiator podcast episode with Dr. Amira May Woodruff today and let me know below: Is this topic relevant to you? Share your story below. And in the next post, I’ll be sharing more about burnout plus a interview 2 with Dr. Amira, which answers your questions LIVE!!!!

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